Welcome to Mama Medicina – the home of traditional health, healing and folk wisdom.

We invite you to open yourself to a new understanding within. To awaken to the knowledge that YOU are your best doctor and your body (the subconscious) is the best communicator of its needs.

Listening, to what your body and your being is saying is a gentle art and the first step to better health.

Living in a relationship of peace and respect for our dear planet Earth is the next. When both come together true wellness can be achieved.

We hope you delight in our offerings.

At the Core of a Healthy Body

When we consider the ancient practices of yoga and martial arts – we see the consistent focus on the health of our central core.

Our abdomen is a vital entry point when addressing many health issues. It is also where, with proper understanding and care we can create a doorway. For both prevention and cure of a list of increasing problems in modern culture.

The power and vitality we can hold and sustain in this amazing part of our being is unlimited.