Andrea Lopez is based at
Secrets From The Honey Tree
1/101 Memorial Drive,
Eumundi, Sunshine Coast.

Please note Andrea no longer visits Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne for private sessions. However has been known to share workshops in these cities from time to time. Please keep an eye on the ‘Learnings’ page for workshop dates.

Treatments are 2 hours.

You will receive a full body massage, with the primary focus and time being spent on the abdomen, pelvis and sacrum. As we gently relieve and decongest these areas it is necessary to also flush the lymph and blood through the entire body, giving everything an energising flush through, a surrender into relaxation.

During the second session we start to demonstrate take home techniques for your personal ongoing care, within a programme designed for you and your needs. This may include learning how to perform the self care massage on yourself, or perhaps the womb steam along with a few other basic tips and tweaks.

For info on Pelvic Floor Release treatments please click “here

To make a booking please contact Andrea Lopez

Artist Tracey Verdugo


The layers of the pelvic floor can hold our deepest contraction. Like any muscle it can tighten from stress, trauma, emotions, abusive childhood, and many more issues. The good news is, it can also be released through a gentle and healing touch, which very few women know about.

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Post Partum Care

A delicate and replenishing session which involves a
30 minute abdominal massage
A herbal womb steam
Closing of the Bones Ceremony

This session can be booked anytimeafter 3 weeks post vaginal birth, or 6 weeks post C-Section. $90

If you live close to 4562 post code then we can visit you at home and bring this session to you there.

Bubba is most welcome to be present and we can work within breastfeeds and cuddles.

Skype session ifleavingthe home isn’t an optionor youlive too faraway, you are welcome to book a Skype session

During our session we will have a brief consultation, followed by demonstrating techniques for your own ongoing self care programme.

This usually involves learning how to massage your own belly.
Sessions are generally 45-60 minutes