Welcome to the Earthly garden of delights Mama Medicina

We are a collective of learnings, travels, cultures, healers, wisdoms and whispers of the ancient ways. When we look for the common thread in all these,they all come back to the same thing.

Trusting ourselves as being a part of nature.

Tending to our internal garden and the mother earth as a vital part of healing ourselves, our community and our environment. Not only when a problem arises, but in our every day and every way.

Now more than ever, our inner being beckons us to walk our Earth gently – down a path to inner knowledge, our connected selves, to abundance and to greater health.
It is a song of wisdom and change that is always there for those who listen.

Our inner calling always guides us to a deeper knowledge of our own health – a calling that is there for all – if we seek it. Gentler ways, folk wisdom, plant medicines and traditional healings that respect self, community and Earth. Delving into the past to a kinder wisdom and gentler way of healing.

We invite you all to open yourself to a new understanding of your own well-being and your connection with our Earth. One that guides you to inner growth, true lasting holistic wellness and a sustainable future for all.

Connect with self – Connect with Earth. Honour self – Honour Earth.

Awaken to the knowledge that YOU are your best doctor and your body (the subconscious) is the best communicator of its needs. That YOU are always connected to the lifeforce of the Earth and healing lies within us, our homes, our gardens and the history of the ages.

Listening to what your body and your being is saying is a quiet art.

Accessing the wisdom of traditional healing and folk plant medicines we heal ourselves gently and sustainably.

Living in a relationship of peace and respect for our dear planet Earth is part of the calling and when all come together – true long-lasting wellness and balance can be achieved.

We were once the spark of universe growing. So, we ask you to ignite the spark again!

Ask deep, live deep, love deep, dream deep and heal deep.

We hope you find delight, health, wisdom and power in our offerings.