Artist credit Tamara adams

Spiritual Bathing is another ancient ritual found in the history of many cultures.

There are variations from one culture to the next, however the essence is the same.

The belief that water is a sacred and purifying source, that is has the power to protect and cleanse negative influences as well as be used to mark rites of passage – is well known across many religions and cultures.

The Spiritual Bathing practice through the ways of ‘Mama Medicina’ is focused on vitality of the spirit, outside of religion. It goes beyond talk therapy and physical therapy – it is nurturing, regenerative and gives a sense of rebirth.

It is a unique ritual using Prayer as a Medicine Song, the burning of copal (a resin incense) and sacred plants used in conjunction with prayer and water.

I have found this to be an extremely powerful ritual and yet gentle on people of all ages including children, who are generally more sensitive than a grown de-sensitised adult.

It is with great honour I carry forward the ways of the Maya Spiritual Healing, through the teachings of Rosita Arvigo and her revered teacher, Don Elijio Panti from Belize. I am forever grateful for all learnt through this lineage.


  • Susto Fright / Trauma
  • Pesar / Grief
  • Tristeza / Sadness
  • Coraje / Anger
  • El Ojo/Ojo Caliente/ Hot eye
  • Mal Ojo / Evil eye
  • Envidia / Envy or jealousy
  • Soul loss
  • Astral fragments
  • Night terrors
  • Bullying
  • Restlessness with babies who have had too many visitors


To book a Spirit Bath notice is required in order to prepare the Spirit Bath Water. Please allow anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours for the ritual, as well as time to relax, regroup and feel grounded before driving home.

Cost $90

Sign up to Mama Medicina to find out about our Spirit Bath Sessions at a humble $50 on specific transformative and energetic days. We hope you can join us.


Just as any space feels fresh and uplifted after a big clean-up, so does the vibration of a space after a Space Clearing. This is a powerful way to shift stagnant energy and enjoy a sense of renewed vigour and health in a home or workspace.

Space Clearing raises the vibration of a space, it elevates the energy within it and settles the energies that cause excessive behavioural changes or conflict. By helping to cleanse, shift and move out negative energy – a space feels lighter to be in and its inhabitants are calmer, more productive and feel more centred.

Perhaps there has been trauma, too many arguments, a death, robbery or excess visitors with jealous eyes. Perhaps people are feeling restless, sad or unmotivated – space clearing shifts the stagnant energy and raises the vibration of a room and its inhabitants.

To consider:

Spiritual Bathing, or Space Clearing isn’t only for the negative energies. Sometimes excess energy from too much focus, over work, being the centre of attention for too long can lead to a heavy charge in that person’s auric field which in turn can lead to a heaviness, or restlessness in their being.

If this is the case – I recommend every shower or bath at home to be used as a Spirit Bath with the intention of cleansing and neutralising oneself.

*Please note: the size of the property will determine the cost of this service.