Artist credit Alla Tsank

Womb Steams are a traditional herbal treatment prepared for women who need assistance in cleansing their wombs due to reasons such as congestion or inflammation. Although the days of the period are designed to purify the womb, a proper shedding of the lining may not be able to occur without the right stimulation and support.

Artist credit Alla Tsank

Generally the main reason for this natural occurrence to be difficult is due to the womb not being in its optimal position within the pelvis. If the womb is out of place or tilted,its ability to shed the endometrial lining efficiently is compromised and therefore retaining old blood and fluids that should normally be discharged.

Sometimes this build up could be days, months or years old. From this long term stagnation health problems may arise, varying from growths to fertility challenges, to painful intercourse. Something a lot of women don’t realise, is that painful periods is a symptom of a womb that needs support, and with proper self care tools this particular symptom can be soothed.

Womb steaming is a lovely gentle, herbal remedy for many imbalances.

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In a womb steam wisdom session you can expect a herbal blend created for your specific needs or current ailments. The experience is created for you and you are left to enjoy this with yourself. The treatment is private.

After a woman experiences the womb steam she is generally more confident to create the experience for herself in the comfort of her own home with the knowledge and support we bring.