It is through my own need for the care of my questioning womb, after welcoming my son to the world, did I discover the wonderful Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and Spiritual Bathing.

So many components of these ‘old simple ways’ came naturally to me as the daughter of Paraguayan family,  it became clear that my journey is to be a reminder of our ancestral old world medicine.

Like most old world medicine Maya understands healing emotional sickness as essential in healing the physical body. Disconnection from who we are and what we feel causes disharmony from which illness begins. Maya Therapy and Spiritual Healing is wholistic medicine which restores harmony.

I came to this work after over 15 years of training, teaching and practice in traditional healing. Without realising it, I was in preparation to receive The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy from Rosita Arvigo.

I am witnessing more and more that most of  modern illness directly related to abdominal and reproductive disease is a call for basic healing such as Maya Abdominal Massage and Maya Spiritual Bathing to be apart of our health care and health education. I have seen such amazing results with the Arvigo Techniques of the Maya Abdominal Therapy , it truly is a worthy gift from our Mayan ancestors and I feel honoured to assist Rosita Arvigo’s vision of spreading the awareness to present day medicine. I believe in this work, and the results women and men see, keeps my passion strong.

The time has come for us to connect with our unique power that becomes whole when we are united as a global community. The Maya Abdominal Massage anchors us into our own sacred power. This is the wisdom of the ancients. This is our true path.

Certified Practitioner
Self Care Instructor
Maya Spiritual Healer